Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Emergency, Emergency!

We Moms don't ask for much. I would like a 20 min break of quiet time away from EVERYONE shower, but I never ask for more than 10, and usually settle for 5! Yesterday during my five minutes (which was cut down to 3) I had yet another conversation initiated the minute I turned on the water by a party outside the door. She sounded about six years old and yelled, "Emergency, Mama, I need to tell you something!" I totally ignored her since she wanted to tell me something rather than show me something (to show means that I no longer own one of my prized possessions, it has been destroyed...tell means a 15 min one sided conversation). I stepped inside and almost finished washing my hair when I hear, "Hurry, I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMETHING IMPORTANT." Deep breath in, what does 'important' mean to a six year old? In my mind I'm thinking she wants to tell me who sat by her in the lunchroom, and the concerned Mommy in me wonders if she really needs to go bad and too embarrassed to say it out loud....I'd better pick up the pace here!
So I quickly finish my shower and as I'm getting dressed she again repeats how important this is. Now, I'm almost positive she needs to go so as soon as I'm covered, I fling open the door, towel on my head, grabbing my lotions...ready to apply them in the kitchen because...well, this is 'important' right? I see a pretty little six year old with a red kool aid stained upper lip with big, wide-eyed seriousness standing before me. "Tosha (THE DOLL) needs her nails painted."
I've been robbed!


  1. lol - my daughter did that to me when I was little and got red nail polish on the carpet. Bit of acetone and it all came out!

    And then there was the lipstick incident.

    But enjoy them all - soon they'll be 25 and living in london!!!