Saturday, July 31, 2010

She's BeDDr

These were my son's b'day cards to my mom and dad who had birthdays this month...notice the armpit hair! Yep, this artwork has 9 year old boy written all over it.

And these have 6 year old little girl written all over it. As you can see PawPaw is selley (silly).
Now take a good look at this one, she was angry w/me when she drew it so she wrote on Nanny's card "Yrr BEDDr ten VaL" and I guess you can tell she thinks Nanny is better than me!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's not that I can't cook...really!

I can cook somewhat really! But you know, I'm all about routine. And it just wouldn't be The Blakely's without my husband coming home after a long night shift to the smell of burnt food. And granted my kids (being deaf) may not hear the fire alarm but where would they be without mama scraping off the bottom layer of biscuit each morning because they are charred their half biscuits? That alarm bell just means the biscuits are done right? Sure, I'm a little distracted at times but hey, we've established a routine...which is important! lol

Friday, July 23, 2010

Because Beastie Boys are still cool

Had a great loooong drive into the city with my daughter today. We sang Trick Daddy and learned my six year old is a thug just like her Mama! Oh yea. And I just want to point out the The Beastie Boys are still cool as they received her seal of approval. I mean and why not? Where else is it okay for grown white men to rap to funky beats such as a PE teacher's whistle combined with a xylophone and repetitive lyrics in every song like

  • White Castle 
  • girls
  • ill
  • Mike D
  • MCA
  • beer

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One Day...

One day, she will realize that not everyone's fire alarms go off each time they cook...

One day, she will mow her lawn wearing a homemade crown because her daughter thinks she is a princess and who doesn't look fabulous in a crown anyway?...

One day, she will pretend she don't know the answers just to hear her children's imagination create story after story, making up their own...

One day, she will answer the door and completely forget she's been playing beauty shop with her child...

One day, she will understand why Mom said "No, stop, get down, wipe, wash your hands, stop running, you can't carve your brother's name in dad's car either!"...

One day, she'll call her kids by each other's names, and maybe even a pet's name before her brain pulls up the correct one, and her children will make fun of her for that...

One day, she will begin sentences and never finish them because mid-way, she lost her train of thought and never recovered it...

She's a little Mama in the making...bless her heart, but she wouldn't trade her future job for anything in the world.

Homophones (Blakely style)

Today's lesson is on homophones. Those are words that sound exactly the same but have different meanings and often are spelled differently as well. Here are a few I pulled from our home...

Which-as in "Choose which one sounds better, doing what Mom said or going to bed...and I don't care if it's six pm!"
Witch-as in; It's always best Mommy gets plenty of rest or she'll look like a wicked witch.

Made-as in "Get that bed made!"
Maid-as in "I am not your maid!"

Morning-as in "You will clean your room in the morning."
Mourning-as in "You will clean your room in the morning, or you will be mourning over the loss of your favorite toys!"

no-as in "No, you can't ride four wheelers after you've sent your sister to the ER!"
NNNNOOOOO!!-as in "NNNNOOOOO!! You can't ride four wheelers after you've sent your sister to the ER, I've told you a hundred times already!"