Monday, August 23, 2010

School has begun...

...and so have the questions from my six year old...such as, "Mama why do some teachers have white dots under their arm?" It's still reaching temps close to 100 degrees down here in the South so I had to tell her it's deodorant where the teachers have been sweating!
 I've been hard at work already putting in hours as a substitute teacher (which I love). The best thing about being a sub is you don't usually have the same kids day after day after when you get one that wants to tell you about the book he's reading, EVERY SINGLE DETAIL, you can patiently listen to him for the last fifteen minutes of class and know that there is at least one kid in here who is actually reading! Had I been his real teacher I'd likely had asked him to write it all out in a book report because there's no way I can stand there for 15 min without nodding off  while the other 16 kids need my attention also. So I smiled, patiently, tried walking off a few times to correct a student here and there but even though he'd get annoyed w/me, he was determined to give me all the details of this book. Good reading bud!
I've not spent much time in the car line yet since I've been working, that's where I usually find loads of entertainment. You just wouldn't believe people! So feed your children lots and lots of sugar before school, give them energy drinks, so I can spend my day asking them to, "Find a home for your bottom!" or "Park it right here!" Who knows, maybe I'll be the one with white dots under my arms before the day is up!

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