Sunday, October 10, 2010

Journey to The Gym VI-gettin' crunk!

Wow Wow Wow talk about a Zumba class!
With challenged energy today, I decided to show up for Zumba class anyway. As we began our dance session, my major concern was my failing deodorant needing a hip replacement in the future 'cause Christie was crunkin' and she knows how to shake it! The problem is that some of us have lost our skillz over the years. Now ten years ago, you could find us at my house, dancing for hours and hours...we could do it and do it well, let me tell ya. My diminishing skillz have forced me to question, was I actually a cheerleader in high school? How come I can't do this anymore? I'm so not coordinated now and at one point, I thought I could possibly pull a groin muscle from shifting back and forth so quickly and lacking such control. Oh, but good thing my sister was there, she was in the same boat I was fact I couldn't decide if I was laughing at me or her more! She turned once and said to me, "Hope my knee cap don't roll off onto the floor!" But we had fun!

Christie, who is abnormally blessed with major Zumba skills, was bustin' out some old school moves today! She put on some Pitbull and as my sister noted, we were doing the Roj...remember Roger from What's Happening? We did his dance today, we did the snake, dusted off our shoulders, had some Kid 'N Play leg thrusting and she even threw in a semi-cabbage you know we were having a blast!

My sister and I have decided we should really practice our Zumba moves at home some during the a little Zumba homework! Now I must go back next Sunday! I'll either work my tail off or laugh it off one...either way, reducing my surface will surely be in my future.


  1. At least you three are together and can take of each other. The best part is two sisters are having fun!

  2. I Love it Valerie <3... Soooooo funny... Knee cap! lol
    and I love ROJ!