Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We've been invaded

Wow, talk about a shocker...showed up for spin class and it was her. I've heard stories about her spin classes, they've even thought about hiring a bouncer to stand outside the spin room at the gym for crowd control, that's how many nuts people want to get into her classes. I've never been crazy enough to show up for had the pleasure of participating in one of her classes and a last minute schedule change landed her on the instructor's bike at 5:15 am...lucky me.

And guess what? She brought her own crew too. We were invaded, we didn't have a chance...Her crew is very loud...very loud indeed for 5:15 A.M.
But that's fine, I kept my mouth shut and peddled. The girls were outnumbered. I knew my neighbor from Zumba class, but I barely muffled a "hey" to him. He was fast on his feet and I knew he was about to out-do me and then rub my nose in it. I tried to look at Carol and Jerry who were across from but I couldn't see their faces, my glasses were in the car...dang. I wanted to give Carol the WHO THE HECK ARE THE INVADERS AND WHAT DO THEY WANT WITH US? But she kept her head low, and didn't make eye contact with anyone...she's smart. I'm hoping Jerry at least has CPR certification...just in case, but his glasses were reflecting light and I couldn't tell if he was looking at me, or if he'd closed his eyes completely...picturing the end of our ride. The room reeked of sweat and Huddle House...musta been the testosterone...

We all survived, the chest pains I felt have passed so apparently it was only heartburn, the asthma attack I'd hoped for (to get me outta class) never came either, so I live to ride again...

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