Monday, June 14, 2010

The Dark Room....

It is always acceptable to darken a child's bedroom as much as possible to ensure you get in your pot of coffee, gardening, excersises, music, anything that you enjoy doing without lots of extra help  those babies get plenty of rest. Afterall they are busy all day fighting, destroying the house and pushing mom's buttons, right?
My kids are still snoozing, working on their 11th hour of rest. I don't even open blinds in other parts of the house for fear that even the slightest ray will go directly to their eyeballs. It's best remain dark until you see those blue eyes looking back at you! 


  1. Andrew is velcroed to my hip. last night i layed with him to go to sleep. Then i got up. 2 minutes...MOMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got out of bed 10 min ago.. and says..MOMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! just a FEW min of piece.

  2. Val, you are so funny!!!!!! Now you know how I felt with 4 kids.