Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Goodbye to a good friend

This morning I woke, got my coffee and sat at my computer to do 'my work'. I moderated the blogs from Deaf Village, read my emails, and popped over to Facebook. I went straight to my farm on Farmville...and realized I was insane. I used to think it was fun, planting crops, watching them grow, getting new farm equipment...um, I have my own garden, I need to be watching my children grow, and I get nothing from this insanity anymore. I'm done. Goodbye Farmville. I will not return. I actually told myself each morning I HAD to check my crops before I could start my day (away from the computer). This morning, I wanted to ride my bike before the satellite  man came to fix our Dish, but when I found myself putting Farmville first, I realized I had a problem. So, I've started the road to recovery. If I had withdrawls, I will go out to my real garden and REALLY PICK CUCUMBERS...REALLY PLOW THE LAND...OR REALLY PICK FLOWERS. Thank you Farmville for contributing the gas cans each day in your attempt to drive me down the road to the asylum that awaits me, but I'm done. Goodbye.

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