Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top 3 Things I Can't Take Back

I have lots of things I'd probably like to take back but here's my top three that have affected me recently.

  1. I can't take back that brownie that I just ate or the ones I ate earlier today. I blame Little Debbie. Darn salesmen, putting them at the end of aisles knowing I don't go down every one, but I seem to FIND the chocolate and walnut deliciousness.
  2. I can't take back that mile I put in on the treadmill this morning. I did it at a steep incline, hoping to do a couple more before I broke a really good sweat but I got peer pressured and bullied into going to Lady F's aerobics class. I cursed the mile the whole hour as I clung to life-but barely, needing that energy back just to finish class. When I did finish, I looked like I needed medical attention since my face was so red and wet. It looked like I'd been scorched with hot water...but I'm ok.
  3. I also can't take back that dream I had this morning. I woke in cold sweats thinking I was pregnant. I apparently was about 13 months pregnant by the looks of me and kept walking around lifting my shirt so people could see the baby move. You could actually see the nose, lips, eyes, everything as it pressed hard against my stomach. But good thing I woke up in time. I sure don't want to give birth at all to a 4 month old ! No telling how much that would weigh!
Whew, and that was just today. I do have growing concerns as I find myself walking around asking people "What am I doing?" I leave the dishwasher door open to remind me that I intend on emptying it after I finish the laundry, and that helps. My children leave me notes to remind me of things they want me to see, that I miss on our drives to school. And I've recently poured a cup of coffee twice. I poured once, put sugar in and poured again, coffee all in the kitchen floor....but that will surprise no one I'm sure!

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