Monday, February 27, 2012

Hip Hoppin'

I showed up yesterday to take my sister's aerobics class down at The Gym. Being such a pretty Sunday afternoon the class was small, very small but she taught it anyway. She was previewing her cd and I heard some Metallica mixed with Lady Gaga, I heard Nirvana mixed with...something-it sounded like Rockin' Robin, but not in a horrible way, it was actually kinda good. I started to get a burst of energy just from the music so I gave her a few shouts out to get the party started and soon we were movin'. We hopped, we stepped, we lunged, we were burning some calories.

She had us use our weights during intervals and I was sure that the "old lady" weights I had picked up would feel like 20 lbs in a matter of minutes, and I was right. After a few minutes, the music really got good! I heard Nelly which made me want to go grab a band-aid and stick it under my eye because everyone knows, I love me some Nelly. And besides, band aids are much more accessible to me than the platinum gillz.

Next thing I know, I'm doing the snake, the smurf, the butterfly, all kinds of old skool dancin' and so were the other girls. We'd watch the window to make sure no one was there and then we'd break loose, it was very comical but fun at the same time. At one point, she played the song by Eazy E and Johnny Cash, and it was on...

As soon as the window was clear, I really broke down! I mean all of us were "tearin' it up!" ... and it happened. We got caught! Hilarious! A girl was going to get some water at the water fountain and she quickly darted into the bathroom where she probably burst out laughing. Soon after, as expected, several other girls came out to "get water" and it finally got to the point where we JUST DIDN'T CARE anymore. But oh, what fun we had on Hip Hop Sunday!! If we ever do it again, I can almost guarantee you those girls that were watching, will be in there with us! We got quite the workout, burned lots of calories, did weights a good bit and then abs to close out the class. Do you know how many crunches you can do in five minutes? I was about to die. I thought for sure my Cesarean Section scar would pop back open before we finished! Good times at The Gym yesterday, good times.

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