Sunday, January 30, 2011

Imma Run to Town, Be Right Back...

Yep, so I haven't ran, except to the mailbox once when I thought there was a check in there since the Fall, and even then it wasn't far. But today, I again discovered that my brain is younger than my body.

I decided, I'mma run a little...I made it across the street and I was walking again...but I didn't walk but a few steps and ran some more. Traffic was flying past me and I pretended that everyone in those cars, were my facebook friends, and they would make fun of me online if they caught me walking.

I ran down to Jack's and I turned around. My goal was the flag poles but a little thing called asthma had me wondering what the heck I would do if I couldn't get back. So I turned around, and ran/walked back. Hey, it's a start. The total of one long mile was all I could do today...but there's always tomorrow.

I went inside The Gym where I was awaiting the hour long Zumba class to start and I began to cough...and I remembered, my asthma. So out to the car I go, take me a hit of the inhaler and I was all good. I danced at Zumba but with less energy as usual, that running wore me out! But it's four o'clock and I've already walked over 15,000 steps today. I'm off to wash off the Dirty Bit and then I must hop on a 4-wheeler and ride around with my daughter. Fun times. If I can move this week, I plan to attend the early morning classes, spin and aerobics!

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  1. it feels GREAT doesn't it!! even if it is just a tiny bit across the street. i did about a mile (not running.. mostly walking..) but you do gotta start somewhere!