Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some thug cussin'

Today I had an unexpected off day from work, so I went to my new favorite place, The Gym. I knew Lady F was teaching and even though I've not had her step class in a couple of weeks, I had hoped that the spin and Zumba I've been doing would be enough to carry me through this one. I was wrong.

The schedule said 45 minutes and I knew it was a lie gonna last longer, but I thought surely I can make it through. I've had no energy the last few days due to PMS my hectic schedule, even Zumba left me sore this week! So even though I really wanted to go back home and crawl back into bed, I continued to drive after dropping off the kids. Now, I must find motivation...I needed some Thug Cussin'...so I popped in some  50 Cent and after he finished cussin' me out, I felt better...jajajaja-G Unit! Now.....where's she at? I ain't skerred!

I walked in, barely recognizing people...I'm out of contacts and had to leave my glasses in the car, they would just fog up from the multitude of sweat that was about to pour from my flesh. I hoped I could balance without them and not trip on my step. I saunter in, she's already getting her mic on. I smile innocently, as if I've not written horrible things about her in the past and say, "You're not gonna kill us are you?" and without hesitation she snaps with a demonic, "I'm gonna try!" Her pupils darted straight thru my skull and I took my place in the back, as far away from her as I could get. Oh snap! What have I done...

Some of the ladies in that class are training for Mercedes Marathon chickened out and are probably glad they ran a few hundred miles instead of walking thru those doors. They are reserving their injuries for after the race, I suppose and I completely understand.
I did what I could throughout class, I heard the words "Now 8 repeaters!!" too many times to be quite honest. I did the easier ones so I could cheat on the hard ones! I said nothing to anyone when I left. I put my things away, and went out to my car for my reward....

Yes, this time of the month, Hershey's 100 calorie packs of chocolate goodness, get me through. I assume the hundreds of calories I burned will sufficiently cover this. Now, up for a 5:15 am spin class in the morning...if the old bones can move that is!

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