Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The White Sock Memo

Okay, I've officially lost it. I got up, went to spin class at five in the morning, came home to a circus! Kids were crazy, husband wasn't happy because the kids were crazy. I had just enough time to put on dry clothes and load the kids up for school. Just as I pulled into the school parking lot, they admitted they had eaten a handful of sugar each! Fabulous, but that was no longer my problem, we were at school now and the teachers are gonna kill me. I kept driving after I dropped them and went back to the gym!

I got on the crossramp for a few minutes and noticed everyone going for the aerobics room. What was going on? PILATES, I've been wanting to try this so I go in, and I see The Runners. I immediately ask if I can do Pilates and they were evil enough to tell me YES. So I stayed.

Everyone started pulling off their shoes and I'm thinking, do mine even match? Obviously these people do not walk around on the patio, out to feed the dogs or check the mail in their socks like me. I had on off white, casual/dress socks, not even close to bright white fresh from the pack active socks like EVERY SINGLE OTHER PERSON HAD ON...apparently I didn't get the memo. But I wasn't gonna let a little thing like stained socks dishearten my desire. I figured I'd manage or cheat through since it was described to me as lots of breathing and core strengthening and stretching. I'm great at heavy breathing and need to stretch since Lady F hurt me yesterday but the WARNING flag was the core strengthening description. I have a core, I have a LOTTA core. And then the biggest warning flag of walks Lady F. TO TAKE THE CLASS. Crap. I can't do this.

But I act like I can and I made it through the 45 minutes without injury. But I assure you, I am not strong enough for Pilates. It was like taking those last few exercises from Lady F's class, the ones I totally cheat on, and doing a whole class on just those exercises I can't do. The skinny girls have less weight to hold up but when big gurls like me try to hold themselves up and do ssssslllllllooooooowwwwww push ups, we get shaky, we get off balance, and instead of 10 we do 2. So as you can see, the least of my worries was my socks. I'll stick with my spin and my aerobics until I shed about 10 lbs at least.

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  1. Halarious! Words of wisdom (from me that's not too much) if you wear black socks and slip them off during class the black fuzz stays between your toes and doesn't look so good either!