Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thanks a lot marathon runners!

Back to Lady F's class today...it was a doozie!

Number 1-Lady F still has no concept of time. The class is supposed to last 45 minutes but she bullies us makes us work way past that. The sad thing is, she makes out the schedule so there's no excuse...she knows we are supposed to be set free only have to endure the pain for 45 minutes! I thought maybe her vision was bad and couldn't see the clock or maybe she got carried away, but I SAW THE LADY LOOKING AT THE TIME when we reached 46 minutes and she then said, "Well, 45 minutes sounded good on paper, didn't it?" and she snarled at one of the marathon runners...and then it made sense. We were being punished because half the class ran a marathon (or half marathon-anything over a quarter mile is a marathon to me) over the weekend and she wanted to break them in two. Their poor legs were already sore and Lady F cackled out "add some power!!" And she forced our dilapidated frames to move through lunge after lunge after lunge...and I'm thinking, hey, why should I be punished 'cause the runners have been skipping class to train for some marathon? I can't run a mile!

But the runners stayed, and took their beating. Lady F smiled at them as if she were rubbing their noses in the mess they've created for us all. They did not smile back. I was scared. I was looking for ways to cheat my way through til the end of class so got water, I blotted the sweat with my towel, back on the step for a count of 10 and whoops, I need water again...but that can only get you so far. Lady F will catch on soon and make us stay another 5 so I try to keep up.

I'm wondering if Lady F can count past 10 because I constantly hear "10 more!" and she just does it over and over and over...in my book, 10 x 10 is 100, not 10 Lady! But there's no use in arguing, I try not to even look at her for fear she'll think I have an ounce of strength left and give me 10 more.

So in my head, I sing Miranda Lambert over and over and I think of all the math tutoring Lady F needs and every time I hear her try to count past 10 but only revert back to 1, I simply say "Bless her heart" over and over. Hopefully the marathon runners made it through, I got selfish at the end and couldn't even look over at anyone else, I was in survival mode. Although I am proud of the runners, I have to say THANKS A LOT! I do blame you for the Lady's behavior today! Now, let me have some warning before you all start skipping class again since we all have to pay the price!

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