Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya...

...and unfortunately my mom has blessed me with more than my share! This is why I get off beat with the instructor during Zumba. It takes my load longer to travel from one side to the next so I always seem offbeat from her skinny self. But I have so much fun doing it! Today we even did the Roger Rabbit to some Salt-n-Pepa! You heard me! Remember last time we did the Roj(read that story here) so you never know what ole Christie has up her sleeve. Class was packed today and I could have sworn I was sweating chocolate...we've been snowed in for days here and seems like that's all I eaten.

And just so I can brush up on my old skool skillz (in case we cabbage patch next) I'm revisiting the 90's....


  1. OK if we have to do these moves at the next Zumba class I will be out of step the whole time and falling on my face!

  2. we'll do the same steps we did today, they are repetitive for each class, she had two new ones today that i've never done but generally we do at least a couple of the songs we did the prior week-each time gets easier! I've not taken ZUMBA in a month so I was way off! lol