Tuesday, March 1, 2011

7 things you need to know about me!

My friend recently gave me a blog award (thanks Amy) and sorry, I don't have 15 new blogs that I read to list for you, I barely have time for 100+ I read at any given random time (my Deaf Village duties) however, I did think of the 7 things you need to know!
  1. My birthday is in exactly 1 month. Last year, on my 35th birthday, I woke up with a beard. I can only imagine what beauty enhancements 36 brings.
  2. My kids are the most hilarious people I've ever met. My husband and I are thankful we have such cheap entertainment, we rarely even watch TV because we might miss something.
  3. My 7 year old learned 'the F word' yesterday at school. She hasn't found out what that means but she's fully aware that you can't go around saying "I am just so...F word!!" at least now she does. (keep praying for me)
  4. I have anxiety at times-many people do...but just like my sweet precious grandmother always did, I shake uncontrollably when it hits me severely. I can't control it and it almost always falls when my son is very ill or fighting some medical battle or of the like. Very few people have seen it and to watch me try to speak through chattering teeth and a shaking mandible is a sight I'm sure. It comes suddenly and goes away after I've given myself a looong talk which is also disturbing I know. If you want to read a story I wrote about my grandmother years ago called MawMaw's Miracle click here.
  5. I love creating things on my computer. From writing stories, to writing spreadsheets full of formulas to creating online surveys, it just appeals to me. It takes a lot of time which is one reason I like getting up at 345 am. I have a few hours before the kids wake because once they are up, my computer time is almost non-existent.
  6. Because I wake so early in the morning, I am a MONSTER by 8 pm. I usually try to get at least one kid in bed about 7:30 (she's an early bird like me) to spare her from the disaster of a mom she doesn't need to experience. The other kid watches TV quietly and doesn't make a peep. On weekends I let my hair down and often stay awake til 9 and then sleep in til like 4:30 or some other crazy hour! I'm a real wild one I know.
  7. I wash clothes every single day, even if I am throwing up with a virus. I can't stand to have laundry pile up. Whether it's linens, blankets, clothes, it doesn't matter. I usually have 2 loads washed, dried and folded by the time the kids wake up every morning. I am a weirdo I know.


  1. interesting stuff!! Andrew used the MF word the other day... lovely. Ever digital scrapbook- i am going to start creating on the computer with that ...soooo excited. Thanks for participating!

  2. ok i am laughing right now because i just read this.. and i went to leave a comment and i see I already DID leave a comment at 4:46 one day. honest to pete i don't recall reading it!!!!!! apparently i need more sleep..