Thursday, March 10, 2011


If you know me personally, then you are likely already aware that I grew up in a house with six total living people and at least one phantom presence. Many of you have heard these stories over and over again but no matter how many times we go over them, they are just as real today as when they happened to my family growing up in that house where my parents still reside.

We all seemed to experience different individual hauntings but when one of us had an experience, we could empathize with each other, knowing that fear and praying 'it' would just leave us alone. I don't think it ever crossed our minds to just leave or move, it was OUR home and we are naturally stubborn people. I can tell you this though, after I grew up and moved out, I've had very few paranormal events, and I felt an extreme sense of relief that I could actually go to bed and go to sleep without being harassed by a dead person. For me, it was mostly vocal harassment, from loud door slams (even though the door was already closed) to saying my name or my sister's name really fast over and over and over in my ear at night while I was fully awake! I can still hear it today "VAL-VAL-Val-Val-val-val-val..." to the point you realize it is deliberately trying to drive you MAD. My sister and mother experienced physical harassment such as their covers pulling down the bed and my dad would actually see 'it'. I have so many stories, and yes, they are still reporting events today in that same old house. We've not researched to find out who (if anyone) died there. But I am looking into that! I will begin these stories soon, so stay tuned.....

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