Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ghost Stories (part 1)

I told you that since moving out of the haunted house I grew up in, there have been very few paranormal experiences around me. So I feel like that spirit was either attached to someone else in the house or the house did not follow me here.

We've lived in my husband's grandparent's home for many years now. Though no one actually died in the home, and the house has remained in the family since his grandparents' passing, we have had a couple of odd occurances, none of which frightened me like before in the house I grew up in.

One day, within the first year or two of living here, I heard my dogs barking like crazy. I looked out the window to find them crouched and ready to attack if necessary as they barked at something that was apparently really close. I looked out the window, I saw nothing. I moved to another room as the dogs continued to bark towards the barn and looked out of those windows which gave me a variety of angles...I say nothing but two crouched dogs who were adament that something was there, that wasn't supposed to be. We live in sort of a remote rural area so if something unusual comes along, my dogs have a fit. I continued my search out every possible window and still saw absolutely nothing between my house and the barn...weird.

After a few minutes they stopped and my phone was my mother-in-law who lives a hundred yards or so behind my house. "Can I talk to Chad a minute?" which is her son. I told her he was at work and she insisted she just saw him (or someone else) walking from the house to the barn. I stood firm that he was work and had been for hours and neither the kids or I had been outside in last couple of hours. She went on to tell me that her inside dog was was going nuts barking down toward my house and when she looked out, she saw a man walking to the barn in plain view from my house to the barn. He was wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt. I then informed her that my dogs were going nuts too, but I looked the entire time they were barking and saw nothing..."It was Daddy," she said. He had come to visit and check on his house and barn. Weird coincidence or paranormal activity?

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