Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tobacco Grins...

Well, I can not tell you how great it feels to get a REAL haircut. I know I got one back in December at Wal Mart (nuttin' wrong w/Wal Mart, used them for years!) But today I went into a real salon for the first time in YEARS...and I'm not sure why I've been waiting for an hour to get a trim at the same price anyway...? What is wrong with me? And at Ooh La La Hair Studio, you get your hair brushed and dried automatically without them expecting you to speak up if you want those EXTRAS. I hated being left to 'air dry' on my on but I was always charged extra before! It felt good catching up w/some old friends, chatting, almost slipping into a coma it felt so good, I just love for people to play with my hair! (Thank you Andria!!!)
I've decided it must have done me a world of good because the first thing, after I pulled out of that parking lot, I had a dude checking me out! Now granted he was driving a car with NO TAG, a muffler that I was sure would dislodge from it's bracket or tape or whatever he had it hanging from at any moment...and let's not forget his tobacco grin or was that just complete empty space, it's hard to tell from a rearview and side-view mirror. It didn't appear that he could go any faster than 23 mph so I had to leave the tobacco grinner behind as I turned down a side road. Who knows, he could have just been so proud to NOT be walking today, that he wanted to be sure I saw him-maybe it had nothing to do with me. But I feel better anyway!


Since I'm about to have a birthday soon-and enter the ZONE where 40 is less than half a decade away, I thought it's time for me and my husband to start going to each other's yearly check up appointments like the cute silver haired couples you see in every doctor's office wearing smiles and sitting ever so patiently. The men wear their 'good' overalls with plaid shirts and women are dressed to a T! BUT my husband turned me down-"No Way!" he barked. Now I must fast in the morning-take the kids to school-go get vial after vial of blood drawn from my veins, but at least I will have Facebook with me-gotta have some entertainment!

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