Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Digit

Tomorrow I will wake and change my age by one digit. Back (a few years ago) when I was 29, I had no idea what kind of changes age would bring. Prior to that, it had only been good things, like wisdom, more family members, some pep to my step. Now, post 30, each year has added a variety of changes, which are not always welcomed and some things even have me wondering if I'm transforming to a man...

  • at 31 I began grunting-now it's less awkward since it's part of all my routine activities and now I've been grunting for years-pick up a kid (insert grunt), pick up a pencil (insert grunt)
  • at 32 I had to start warming up my body in the mornings before I could have full access-walking hunched over from the bed to bathroom for example holding my back (til it gets warmed up) has helped a lot
  • at 33 I was called a grandmother in a check-out line. I got contacts and I do not look younger. I've not been back to that store.
  • at 34 I decided to ditch the minivan in a hopeless attempt to restore my youth with a cooler ride...a 4 door sedan. I am still uncool-ask my kids!
  • at 35 I woke up one day and discovered I had a beard. As I put on my make-up next to a window with all that beautiful natural sunlight shining upon my face-I saw that I had blonde hair that was thickening each and every day. I haven't sat in the sunlight since.
So when I wake at 36 years old in the morning, I can't help but wonder what THE DIGIT will bring me? Will I find a stray nose hair that I actually need to clip? Will I need to start coloring my hair or better yet, need bifocals? Maybe the high blood pressure news I got last week will be all the bad news I get this digit. We shall see what THE DIGIT has in store for me!!

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