Monday, September 27, 2010

In which I get inducted to the Looney Hall of Fame

Oh what a weekend...
I began my Friday with a quick workout from Lady F who seeks to torture poor fat stay at home moms whips people into shape and enjoys nothing more than to hear moans and groans from her victims class. This means she's doing her job and doing it well. I knew I had to strap into a car for six hours following the workout and shower and drive my kids and my mother to Gulf Shores. We decided to make a mini vacation out of the PEEPs in the Park event, which I am blessed to be a part of. My fear was that after this horrendous extremely fast paced workout, I would not be able to move or even function the entire weekend...luckily I was wrong. Didn't even get sore! YAY.

I'm always leery driving my mother's car, because it's not mine I've already hit a deer in picturing me, my mother and my two screaming kids lovely children just made me want to hop on a plane and fly there instead, make it a 30 minute trip instead. Not an option, and besides my kids turned out to be Angels for once. I'm also leery of her car because you can drive it with no key. Weird.

All was going well until I step off the elevator and see that the hallway has a striking resemblance to The Shining. I swear I could hear a little boy on a Big Wheel coming down the hall yelling "Redrum, Redrum!!" Freaky.
Then I take my kids out to the pool where some of the pool rules had me doing a double take. I did take a picture but unfortunately you can't read it, not a good shot. But I'll just tell you what it said, "No Sh*tting" was probably the most shocking along w/advice on adultery and much more. Perfect for my 9 and 6 year old who both read very well, lucky they did not see it.

We headed out to our PEEPs event the morning after we arrived only to find out along the way I was allergic to something...? I sneezed 387 times in the car while driving the hour to the event and then for the 2 hours we were there, I sneezed an additional 245 times. I could barely even talk to the families. So pathetic. But hey, it was gorgeous there and the kids loved it.

We went out to eat with our audiologist and her family who attended the event after we all had spent the remainder of the day on the beach. This is when I discovered I had lost Mother's smart key to her car. Fabulous! Luckily she had another but the darn thing was in my purse pocket one minute and gone the if it had grown legs and walked off. We searched and searched, called the restaurant twelve times to see if they'd found it...nothing.

Then we drove in the absolute downpours and torrential rains Alabama offered us on Sunday's trip home. I had to drive 40 on the interstate w/my flashers on, couldn't see a thing. But hey, that's just a day in the life of a nut.

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  1. Everything she said is true folks! Good trip. The beach was great, but I loved the drive to Daphne and the Park, it had big oak trees with Spanish moss hanging from the trees,and you could walk down to the bay. It was great,the bay water and piers were so pretty. Val, don't worry about that key,couldn't be helped!