Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Journey to The Gym IV (Strobe Light Zumba)

So I've still crawled my way been going to The Gym since winning my 2 month membership on Facebook. "Lady F" is determined I die I get into shape and I both love and dread her classes, she gives me that hurt so good kinda feeling. And I'm not sure what's wrong with these people but many of them go running before class. They obviously have a high tolerance for pain or they feel like they need to be punished severely . I do mentally prep for "Lady F", though not running a few miles before I see her I take a moment before I walk out the door, I thank God for the ability to walk without pain, use the restroom without my legs shaking full of muscle spasms, and for the ability to go about my day without people asking me "Are you okay?" I then physically prepare for "Lady F" by putting my clean clothes in the bathroom so that when I get home all salty, I can go straight to the shower! I also check my supply of Aleve and smile, knowing he'll get me through the next two days. I also do any public appearance prior to "Lady F's" class, there will be no stops for bread or gasoline after she's finished with me! But I'm having a great time and I can tell a big difference already in muscle tone.

Now, on to this strobe light Zumba I did on Sunday. On Sundays at 2 they've added another Zumba, which is great 'cause guests only pay $5 to be a Gym guest for the day and they can access some of these classes. So now I know if I can't afford a full gym membership before Christmas, I can go for $5 a visit if I want. Zumba has an acquired taste for many people. The first time or two you kinda feel lost because you don't know the routines. However, they are short and the motions are repetitive so once you've done it a couple of times, you can start shakin' your tail feathers adding more of your own dance style to it and you feel less clumsy. Sunday was my second (full) Zumba class and I look forward to going back now. It doesn't really leave you sore or anything like a step class will but it's fun and it does give you a good little workout, burning lots of calories and it's a nice break from "Lady F"...whom I love dearly and hope she doesn't read this and punish me on Friday when I see her for more torture an exciting step class.
On Sunday, the instructors (pictured below) turned off the lights which was fantastic because then people couldn't see my rolls me if I made a mistake. I think the added strobe light affect really made us feel more comfortable and I saw lots of booty shakin' going on in that room let me tell ya. These ladies may be tiny but you put on some Akon or Beyonce and woop woop, it's like a belly dancer gettin' her shake on! Tassels flying and all I could think is...I want tassels! However, right at this moment any extension to my rear end would appear to be just a warning sign to other pedestrians that I have an extended load so I'll wait on the tassels. I'm beginning to really like Zumba and look forward to going back, it's like getting together with a group of gals and just dancing for fun only without any mixed drinks full of courage. So if you're in my area, don't be afraid, it's just Christie the Zumba Queen, she won't bite, she won't laugh and neither will anyone else because you have to keep your eyes on her at all times so have no fear, try it out for yourself.

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