Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Journey to The Gym III (in which I cry)

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Once again, I forgot to get someone to take a picture of me, but I'll make it a priority next time! It's hard to remember things like that when you're concerned you'll need a heart transplant after the hour long aerobics class is over. This was my first full hour class and I was concerned since the room full of skinny girls had low steps. I wondered why no one had them stacked up 3 levels high and now I know the answer! The other girls/ladies said that this instructor was tough and I assured them I would work at my own remedial pace and I laughed it off.

In walked the very fit and tiny instructor, we'll call her Lady F. It didn't take me long to realize that her tiny frame was only a disguise because she was packing muscle and energy like an ultimate fighter in a UFC championship. I also knew I was in trouble when I began having an outer body experience. I could see myself move in the mirror but had no awareness of even being there. I began having conversations with myself in my head, saying things like, "If you pass out, it will be fine! They'll call for help, no worries." Disturbing I know!

By the end of class, all I could offer Lady F was a smile as if to say, "Do you have any idea what I'm gonna say about you when I get home Lady?  Thanks, that was fun!" lol, and I walked out the door. I felt hungry and nauseous for the 20 min ride home, not sure if my eye balls were sweating or if that was an actual tear. Was that boot camp? Was I gonna throw up?

Once I got in my drive way, I pulled in the shade and conversed w/myself again. "It's already 10, I have to pick up the kids in a few hours, I can just sit right here. I wasn't sure how I would get into the house w/out a walker, but that's okay, I like my car...it's nice and cozy, I can rest for a while.

I eventually did make it inside, because I was still famished. I had a Lean Cuisine today. The last thing I wanna do is put something into my mouth that I have to carry on my hips during these workouts....seriously need to lighten my load here! I headed straight for the shower when I noticed I was soaked, and freezing, chill bumps all over from my body trying to regulate my temp again. Now, I think w/ibuprofen and continuing my workouts, I'll survive...but all those lunges & squats I can barely walk & I'm wondering if I can pee standing up? Gonna be hard getting up and down for a couple of days!


  1. Blogs should have a "thumbs up" for liking it. I was rolling as I read this...good job Val!

  2. Love it! A true LOL story. Only because we can all relate. You know if Lady F reads of your pain and suffering it will only make her smile. Carolyn