Friday, September 3, 2010

Journey to The Gym I

I was very excited to find out this week that I had won a Facebook contest from a local health/fitness center called The Gym. So I (and my 2 free months) walked thru those doors last night weighted down with m & m's, Mtn. Dew, chips, you name it...only I couldn't set these items down to lighten my load, they would have to be removed by actual physical activity which I've not publically done in almost a decade. I had first looked for classes offering things of interest to me such as Peanut Butter Crunch Class, Miller Lite Cycling or Choco-lates a very attractive sounding Pilates...but I saw nothing of the sort, shoot! Looks like everything down there was designed to make you healthier, reduce stress, reduce blood pressure, and hopefully reduce body mass so I can get rid of whatever that is on the side of my hips that wasn't there 10 years ago. Perfect, I need all of that, so I decide to go to my sister's class first. She was teaching a 30 min cardio-step class and I figured I could survive at least fake it for 30 min. Luckily she's a better instructor than she is photographer! I wanted to bolt for the door while I still have a chance, and my life, since I feared an oncoming heart attack but my sister seemed to stand 7 feet tall last night, and I knew I would never get past her. I claimed a back row spot, didn't elevate my step too high and it was ON! The minute I heard Ton Loc and Funky Cold Medina it all came back to me. I'm not much of a sweater but honestly, I had sweat in my ear when it was over!

I even got roped into staying for part of a Zumba class. My sister was like, "Just stay! Just stay!" and then she walks out, leaving me there so she can go teach an hour of spin class! What's wrong w/these people!?! I did have to get home to make sure kids did their homework, took baths, and to make sure I could shower and get to bed by 8, I knew my body would be in need of rest and repair. I did watch enough of Zumba to know I'm missing some vital parts needed to do it, or they are simply hidden deep within, underneath my winter coat of lard I wear year round. I did however find the dancing worth trying again and hope to try out one of sister-in-law's classes once her injury heals since she is a certified Zumba instructor.

The morning after...
Well, not too bad, so far. I kinda feel like the worst is yet to come. I did feel a muscle in my stomach I haven't felt since the last time a had stomach virus and used it to upchuck for a few days. I do feel some tightness in my arms, butt, legs,, okay, so I need some ibuprofen in order to keep up w/the group of 1st graders I plan to teach today. But man, so glad I have an opportunity to go. I will go again next week as much as possible and get someone else to take my picture, lol  and hopefully I'll be able to withstand the full hour classes by then. That gym has a lot to offer, and I may even sneak in this weekend sometime and use one of the machines like a treadmill or something! You should have seen the folks getting their workout on and watching the news! I could do that!! More to come next week on my Journey to The Gym.


  1. Yay Val - keep it coming - you inspired me to go to water aerobics :-)

  2. Val, Zumba rules, you so got do some of that - gets rid of all those extra bits while you are too busy laughing and having a great time to notice : - )