Monday, September 6, 2010

Journey to The Gym II

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Today's episode of Val's Journey to The Gym is brought to by Aesop's fable "The Tortoise & the Hare" . Since my first visit the the local gym last week (I won a 2 mos free membership) I have walked through the doors two more times.
I haven't had any more aerobic classes yet but I've been to check out the machines instead.

I decided to go in on Sat. so that if I pressed wrong buttons, set off some kind of alarm w/flashing lights or worse, not even be able to turn one on to use, there would be less eyes to witness such incompetence. I was assured they are simple to use and require no skill, and this was true! I am no longer intimidated by the machines!! I do stay away from the stepper machines, or anything else that makes your booty *outstanding* literally because I could seriously waitress both backwards and forwards w/mine, carrying trays and no spills.I have found out that I am a machine hopper. I LOVE the one called a Crossramp, after 10-15 min on that I jump over to a treadmill for a few, then on to something else.

Today, I had just finished my first go w/the Crossramp and intended to do treadmill for ten minuets or so and go back for more Crossramp, and I was already sweating bullets. I noticed an older lady (above 60) start the machine next to me. I continued to watch the tv, and after a couple of minutes, I notice the older lady out doing me! Now, I felt like the tortoise and she was the hare walking circles around me and quick! I looked down and saw I was going negative 2 miles an hour pretty slow so I sped up! I was then going her speed and hoped she would tire out soon, she was hard to compete against keep up with. I did manage to get back to my favorite Crossramp and even did a leg machine! I can't wait to back in an aerobic class or two again this week. I'm having a fabulous time at The Gym.

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